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Charles Town has fallen to the British and partisan Sarah Mahon is swept up in the revolutionary furor.

She believes that her enlightened father will grant her the liberty to choose her own future, but that future is uncertain under occupation. Going behind his back to support the rebel militia, Sarah will take her rebellion too far, with consequences that she never anticipated.   

With a dream of escaping a dull existence among the rice planting aristocracy, Sarah meets her opportunity in the form of British sailor Jack Ashford, a closet rebel sympathizer burdened with a family history of loyalty to the Crown. She is unaware that her father is working to block the match while promoting a union with his business associate, a wealthy planter who will keep her in South Carolina. Sarah aids the rebels to speed the peace, but Jack uncovers evidence of her activity with the patriot militia. He misinterprets her role, and his attempt to security her loyalty to him falls victim to a flawed strategy. Sarah believes she has been abandoned, and yields to her father to save face.

Determined to make use of her education, Sarah butts heads with her much older husband, a battle that will see her maturing into a formidable businesswoman and matriarch of Charleston society. Jack realizes that he was played for a fool and lingers on the fringes of her life, but his hope that Sarah will leave her husband devolves into a reckless pursuit of military glory. When Sarah learns that he has been captured by a French captain who owes her his life, she must choose between a fading dream or the security of the existence she has carved out through years of struggle. Jack’s life may come at too high a price.